How To Graciously Share Your Homes With Family And Friends

How To Graciously Share Your Homes With Family And Friends

Is your home inviting enough that it makes your guests feel at home or is it designed in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable and uninvited? Yes, there is such a thing as an unwelcoming home. If your home’s design looks stiff and unwelcoming you can do a minor home improvement project and redesign your home in a way that makes you and your visitors feel comfortable and relaxed. How can you make this happen? We’ve compiled several tips to make sure that as soon as your visitors step inside they will instantly feel at home.

Start Your Home Improvement Project With Your Front Door

 The welcoming feel of your home starts in your house’s façade particularly your front door. You can make visitors feel welcome by simply hanging a greeting sign on your front door or by placing a cute and artsy floor mat that says, “WELCOME” at your front patio. You can even add a couple of potted plants on both sides of your door to give it color and life. And if that’s not enough you can even extend your design to your entryway by adding a few chairs in your receiving area where they can sit comfortably while they take off their shoes. You can also place a shoe rack beside or adjacent to your sofa so they can conveniently place their shoes if you have a “no-shoes inside” policy.

Decorate Your Receiving Area

 As mentioned, you can extend your home improvement project from your home’s entrance to your receiving area. Hang framed photos of your family or hang framed inspirational and motivational quotes if the walls of your receiving area are bare. Just make sure that the frames and the designs you choose are coherent with the rest of the house (case in point, your home decors in your living area). There are some business strategies to organize your home you can read more about them at

How To Graciously Share Your Homes With Family And Friends

Home Improvement Could Also Mean Rearranging Your Existing Furniture

 You don’t need to renovate your entire house just to give it a welcoming feel. Sometimes all it really takes to transform the vibe of your home is to do some rearranging. It’s simple, easy and it’s free! Interior designers and decorators recommend that you clear the way by moving chairs to provide easy access to the dining area. Usually, when chairs block one section of your home to the next it will make your house look small and stuffy. The whole idea is to create an illusion of a bigger space. If you’re going to do this by yourself you can start by visualizing what you want your living room to look like. You can even draw it on paper if you like before you start moving heavy furniture around. It’s also important that you choose comfortable seating. Take into account comfort and not just concentrate on style.

Make Your Home Smell Homey

 Do you know that the scent of your home can make your guests feel relaxed? You can invest in a diffuser and buy soothing essential oils so when you’re having friends and family over you can just simply turn it on and your house will smell amazing!

 You don’t have to spend a fortune to totally change the look of your house. Home improvement can mean a lot of things and that includes adding a few accent pieces to your home, home decors that enhance the ambiance and a few tweaks in your home’s layout. With these tips in mind, you are sure to create a welcoming home for your friends and family.

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