Home: Different Exterior Shade Options

Home: Different Exterior Shade Options

Some added shade on your backyard,  deck, patio, or porch will not only give you protection but also additional beauty and for you to really enjoy that space. To block out the sun on the brightest and hottest of summer days, a pergola or awning may not be enough.  Having a bit more protection from a light rain and cool breezes can mean enjoying that space even during drizzly weather. Take note of a few pros and cons of different exterior shade options that will suit your home.

Outdoor blinds

For maximum control of the shade you need, roller blinds can be a good choice. To close completely for sun protection, you can lift and lower blinds to any desired height, unlike curtains and doors.  Make sure to pick for a metal or vinyl blind if you’re looking for protection against wind and rain. Even when those blinds are closed, fabric blinds with a wide mesh may allow too much wind into the porch area.


Usually, roll up from the bottom for outdoor shades. The bamboo and fabric shade is very favored for outdoors, as bamboo is resilient and durable and holds up well against unpleasant weather. For some softness to space, fabric shades will do the works. However, regular cleaning of the fabric is needed for outdoor shades. They may also start to fade and wear away from repeated rolling and unrolling. For an outdoor space option, fabric shades may be one of the least durable. Read more shades instruction by Click Here

Outdoor curtains

Outdoor curtains make your porch or deck seem more welcoming and cozy as they have the advantage of adding some fabric to space.  For a quieter space, thicker curtains might also work to absorb sound. THicker curtains may need frequent washing, and more so in areas prone to lots of rain or that has a very high amount of dust in the air. Note this expense when considering curtains versus any other shade option as most outdoor curtains need to be dry cleaned only.

Louvred doors

Adding a very quaint look to your porch is offered by louvred doors, and this outdoor shade may give maximum privacy. The most protection against wind and rain can also be provided by louvred doors. You may need to close the panels completely for maximum shade and protection from the elements is one drawback to doors and this may make the space like very closed-in.

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