Care for Wooden Pergola

Care for Wooden Pergola

For wooden pergolas, one of the most common issues that need to deal with is wet rot. The timber swells or grows upon years of soaking up rain like a sponge. Over time, pergola allows fungal spores to mushroom which makes the timber detached its strength and ultimately crumble.

It could still run this risk of wet rot due to years of subject to the elements preceding to the solid roof being paced, even for those pergolas that have had the shade cloth withdrawn and restored at some period with a solid roof sheet.

Most wooden pergolas were painted as protection as it acts as a shield but over a period, the paint wears down uncovering the wood, it will surely grasp up the moisture and keep it. It can result in rusting issues to these areas but is concealed away and not always prominent especially when this is next to your house fascia or gutter where the patio face with the home.

In the long run, it will find a weak spot and strike the area causing rust for this continuous wet wood in contrast to the steel of the house fascia and gutter. This in large cases remains outlying to the one spot, however, rust can unroll quite simply and time is all it demands.

Care for Old Pergola

There is a big chance that this could also have aftermath in areas where it connects the home if your old pergola has visible signs of wood rot or rust.

As they are concealed by the old form that could require repair or replace, it’s these areas that cannot always be spotted.

Do it yourself repair can be done but make sure you are rightfully knowledgeable on what to do. If the damage cannot be handled by yourself, better seek the aid of the professionals on the proper way to manage the repair. Experts can give you cost estimates on what to be replaced or what’s the best repair that is suited for your wooden pergola.

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